Size 22.5x18.5x5 cm, 8.9x7.3x2 inches
$6850 Sold

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The ancient Trojan War was waged after Paris of Troy took Helen from Menelaus, her husband. Greek myths say that even gods have taken their part in this story, also the city of Troy has fallen through trickery after many yers of epic battles. Achilles, Hector and other great heroes has fallen, though we know about those legendary times that has had a big influence on Greek literature and poets. Main characters are drawn on this miniature.
Armor, weapons and some other elements on the miniature are painted in gold. Mother of pearl inlays an gold leaf shine through various parts of the composition. All sides of the box are decorated with gold painting.
The box is constructed of paper-mache, interior is painted with red lacquer, there is also written in gold the title of the work, Fedoskino, Knyazev Sergey and the year of 2016.

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