Sergey KnyazevDear art lovers, welcome to the official website of Sergey Knyazev. Here you can find and purchase new works of art created by me.

Sergey Knyazev I am a professional artist painting in a special glazing-transparent technique using layer-by-layer oil painting, mother-of-pearl, gold leaf and silver powder. Genres presented In my gallery are: portrait, landscape, folk, architecture, fairy-tale, fantasy, surreal. I like to work in this technique, just holding unready work in my hands and looking on it from different ways is charming. Shining of mother-of-pearl, gold and painting creates three-dimensional effect. All of my art is unique creative one-of-a-kind works. On this site will be added description with details to every artwork. My slogan is constantly improve an? open something new and unusual.

Every artist have their own way and my art says everything for me. I used to work in monumental painting style, graffito, aerography and design. My miniatures unite painting and stylih design, as I myself develop new forms and designs it fascinates me. I participated in art exhibitions, my boxes are in private collections in? USA, Europe, Australia; in art catalogue books. Time required to create a good box from month to 6 as the process needs not only creative way, but maintaining the technology too. My work is a hard process that requires time and patience, beginnig from inlaying of mother-of pearl, preparation of place for silver powder, applying several thin layers of? paint, drying and varnishing every layer, polishing etc.

Sergey Knyazev Sergey Knyazev

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