Versailles after the rain
Size 20x17x5.5 cm, 7.9x6.7x2.2 in
$5250 Sold

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Can you feel the spirit of the beautiful Palace of Versailles? There are many different features all over this box. You can notice some of its famous places like luxury gardens, grotto or architecture details like recognizable tiles at one of the entrances. Exotic creatures were popular, just like tamed ermine in girl's hands.
Patterns on the sides consist of symbolic antique flowers from Versailles gardens (rose, gillyflower, hyacinth). Gold leaf, mother-of-pearl inlays create three-dimensional effect.
The box is constructed of paper-mache, interior is painted with red lacquer, there is also written in gold: title of the work, Fedoskino, Knyazev Sergey and the year of 2018.
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