Tale of Vasilisa the Beautiful
Size 16.5x17.5x5 cm, 6.5x6.75x2 inches
$5250 Sold

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The box shows an episode from the fairy-tale "Vasilisa the Beautiful". One merchant has only one daughter, and when her was duing she asked dauther to come to her and give her a doll. She said when you will be in trouble, just feed the doll and it'll help. Suddenly she died and later on merchant has married another woman with two daughter. The girl's cruel stepmother sending her to the forest to ask Baba-Yaga to give her work. It is the stepmother's pretext, in fact she wants Baba-Yaga to kill the girl. In the forest Vasilisa meets Baba-Yaga and three riders: the Red Sun Rider, the Dark Night Rider, and the Bright Day Rider.
But, finally, this tale has a happy end. The handsome Prince offers the girl his hand and heart and inviteed her in his marvelous palace.
On this composition we can see Vasilisa, Baba Yaga and her Hut. On the backstage we can see one of three riders, the Dark Night Rider. The girl holds in her hands the doll that helps her to fulfill very difficult tasks given by Baba-Yaga. Mother-of-pearl shines through the the tree with mushrooms on the front, the sky and the moon that is crafted three-dimensionally,Baba Yaga's Hut,the lamp in the hands of Vasilisa and two upper corners of the scene.
The box is opened with the aid of half a ring on the front side of a lid,decoarted with a little snake.
The scene is painted in dark blue oils mixed with aluminum powder. Blue oils mixed with aluminum powder also cover the box's exterior.
The box is constructed from paper-mache. The interior of the work is covered with red lacquer. The work is signed, the title ("Vasilisa the Beautiful"), Fedoskino and the year of 2014 on the lid's interior.

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