Gerda at the Magician's garden
Size 12.5x12.5x3 cm, 4.92x4.92x1.18 in
$1250 Sold

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Gerda is a character from "The Snow Queen" fairy-tale by Hans Christian Andersen. On her adventure Gerda met a kind old woman, who was a good magician. She liked the girl and tried to stop her searching for Kai by sealing memories with magical comb. After spending her happy time at the magician's garden without any worries about Kai, Gerda suddenly remembered about him. Roses were too familiar to the ones they took care of and raven at the garden's entrance told her about the boy he met...
Mother-of-pearl inlays and golden leaf shine through various parts of the composition.The box is constructed of paper-mache, interior is covered with red lacquer. Ir is signed in gold, Fedoskino 2019.

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