Gladiators of the ancient Rome
Size 27x22.5x6 cm, 10.63x8.86x2.36 in
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They entertained and encouraged audiences for centuries, their glory passed through time and still influences modern world. Among other professional fighters of ancient arenas, gladiators were specialised with particular weapons like swords and armour. Patricians held the best seats to observe endless entertainment provided by fighters who had different fate and purposes. With features of many other cultures united by the Roman empire, places like Coliseum couldn't stop to amaze its visitors.
"As long as the Colosseum stands, Rome shall stand. When the Colosseum falls, Rome shall fall. When Rome falls, the world shall end." Venerable Bede.
Most details and elements of the box have their own symbolic purposes, like the ruins, sun and moon or shield. Due to gold painting and mother-of-pearl inlays various colors may change while holding the box in hands.
The box is constructed of paper-mache, interior is painted with red lacquer, there is also written in gold: title of the work, Fedoskino, Knyazev Sergey and the year of 2018.

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