Flight over the Saint Petersburg
Size 20.5x20.5x5.5 cm, 8.1x8.1x2.2 in
$6850 Sold

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At the end of the 19th century, the future seemed to be a mystery, which was so much desired to be solved. People dreamed of conquering the nature, fantasized and invented. In their dreams they enjoyed flying over the Saint Petersburg. How our world would look like after many years? Here is an illustration of a possible future from those dreams.
Mother-of-pearl inlays and gold leaf shine through various parts of the composition. Sides of the box are decorated with patterns and illustrations.

The box is constructed of paper-mache, interior is painted with red lacquer, there is also written in gold: title of the work, Fedoskino, Knyazev Sergey and the year of 2018.

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