Scarlet Sails.
Size 19,5 x 15,5 x 4,5 cm
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This «prince charming» tale is adapted from a novel by Alexander Grin about a little girl named Assol, who meets a wizard one day. He tells her that a ship with red sails will arrive , (sometime in the future} , to take her away to a new, happy life with a dashing young prince. She holds onto this prediction in spite of taunts and the ridicule of her neighbors. Meanwhile, the son of a local nobleman grows up to become a sea captain and falls in love with Assol. Sure enough, he decides the only way to win her heart is to unfurl red sails and head into port. Eleanor Mannikka.
There is a hidden sebce on this box - Assol is having a Book «The Scarlet Sails» in her hands - this allegory is only connecting the story with modern time. On the borders of a lid, I have wrote famous Alexander Grin’s words from this novel: I have understand one unsophisticated (simple) truth.
And it is in making so-called miracles with one’s own hands...
A Smile,a Joy,a forgiveness and a correct word which was told in time!

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