Mermaid`s soul
Size 8 x 8 x 7 cm
$1490 Sold

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This box shows a fantastic world of the tale "The Little Mermaid" written by Hans Christian Andersen. The composition is painted on the box's lid where the Mermaid is depicted, and continued on the box's sides where we can see a fantastic landscape of an underwater kingdom. The three-dimensional effect is achieved with the help mother-of-pearl inlays that shine with a variety of undertones, lustrous gold and silver metal leaf inlays, silver powder, gold paint and a special layer upon layer method of painting. The box's lid is supplied with three-dimensional elements like a shell that helps to imitate a stone the Mermaid is leaning her elbows on, and a small pearl bead glued to the box's exterior for ease of the lid's opening. Along the base of the box I have written in gold the following fragment from the tale : "... for her love and sufferings the Mermaid was endowed with an immortal soul..." The box is constructed from paper-mache. The box's interior is covered with red lacquer. The lid's interior is decorated with shining pieces of mother-of-pearl, here I have also written in gold the title of the work, Fedoskino, my name Knyazev Sergey and the year of 2010.

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