Flying ship
Size 24 x 18 x 6 cm
$11750 Sold

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This artwork represents a fantastic dream of all times for all romantic people — to fly in the sky on the wings of wind, like a bird. It is one of the unreal versions of the world heavens.
Column is a symbol of striving upward, sphere — presence of magic in life, lion is a symbol of might and power of all countries. Stargazer looks to the skies opening up the way to unknown worlds. Humans would not be humans if they were not eager for knowledge. Beautiful ladies at the air berth are always ready to see off and wait for their heroes.
On the sides of the box are painted inca gold birds. They do not look like birds then what are these birds? I wanted to convey the intertwining of views in the future and past. Around the artwork is written quatrain of Omar Khayyam, confirming that the eternal, about what philosophers are thinking, is passionately excites us now.

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